For a very long time, people have imagined dental hygiene for the whole family to be just brushing teeth and flossing it. This is not the case; there is more to dental hygiene than just brushing and flossing. The whole family should adopt good habits to have proper oral health. The following are good habits to take care of oral hygiene for the family.

Good habits for taking care of the oral hygiene

Visiting a dentist

gfhfghgfhgfhgfhgfhMost families think that they do not need a dentist unless they have a tooth problem. Visiting the dentist at least once a year is beneficial to the whole family. During such visits are dental problems identified early enough making the treatment easy. It also helps in ensuring that the dental problems do not escalate to worse causing teeth loss of teeth.

Know the years and the problems that may arise

Teens, toddlers, and the elderly also need oral maintenance. Toddlers should also see a dentist to know how their teeth are developing. They should also be taught how to clean their teeth. For the elderly, they are bound to get some diseases such as arthritis which may make brushing and flossing teeth to be a challenge. As they grow older, they also have decreased saliva production causing more teeth problems, and some lose their teeth necessitating the use of dentures. Knowing this in advance will help in managing the whole family’s dental health.

Avoiding too much sugar

Sugar is what causes a majority of teeth decay. This is because sugar causes an increase of bacteria in the mouth as well as increased acidity. This causes the formation of plaque which may eat away the tooth’s enamel. Sugary food and drinks such as Soda should be taken in moderation. One should brush their teeth after eating sugar food and also floss their teeth. One can also opt for healthy drinks such as water.

Avoid cigarettes

fdgdfgdfgfhgfhNone of the family members should be allowed to smoke. They may influence the younger members to take up the habit. Smoking is harmful to one’s health including dental health. Nicotine found in cigarettes causes yellowing of teeth and may also eat away the gums. In addition to that, the nicotine and tar in cigarettes create a good environment for bacteria to thrive in your mouth. Plaque also forms on teeth and the gums. This erodes the bones supporting the teeth hence increased chances of teeth loss. The worst of it all is that one can get oral cancer. One should discourage the use of tobacco and other tobacco products in the family.

Proper use of teeth

Some of the uses that the teeth are put to harm the teeth. This includes habits such as opening soda bottle with the teeth, using teeth as scissors to cut things like strings among other practices. All these practices harm the teeth and may lead to breakage and loss of teeth as well.

Proper diet

fdgfdgfdgfdgfdgfdgDiet plays a major role in dental health. The family should be encouraged to eat foods rich in vitamin C. This helps in building strong teeth and bones. Food s such as sugarcane and carrots are also good for the teeth. They help in brushing off plaque and exercising the teeth making it strong as well.